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Friday, November 2, 2012

Engineered Storm? HAARP Monitoring Project Records Strongest Readings Ever Directed In Path of Hurricane Sandy

Here's an interesting article from Pakalert Press

Alex Thomas

An independent website that has a real-time sensor network from over 28 sensors placed in rural areas across the United States has recorded the strongest HAARP readings in the projects history.
The readings, in and around the New England area, are literally off the charts and lend credence to other claims that Hurricane Sandy is possibly being engineered to cause massive destruction. 
Screen shot of the readings taken by

In a Facebook post, the HAARP monitoring website posted this startling description above the photo of the readings:
Strongest readings in the history of this project have peaked. A never before seen white-shade indicates that a value higher than 10 on the 1-10 scale has been indicated. It has no color assigned!
HaarpStatus has finally come to a bullseye over what looks like Rhode Island and Connecticut.
Current projections at NOAA say Hurricane Sandy will hit New Jersey. Our status numbers disagree. The storm is being steered toward the higher concentration numbers.
Truly remarkable numbers and it is one to archive because this may never be seen again in a very long time.
A post on also reported on the readings from HAARP Status and confirmed that these readings have, until now, been unheard of.

The article noted that while the National Weather Service is claiming that the hurricane is set to hit New Jersey, HAARP Status is predicting landfall in New England. (which is where the off the chart HAARP patterns has been recorded.)

“I’ve never seen it that white before,” said Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin.
“They indicate the white means higher than their values can hold so whatever it is is a bad signals.”

Regardless of where the hurricane actually hits, these readings seem to indicate that some sort of engineering of the storm has taken place whether or not it was to push the storm into the country or away from it remains up to the reader to decide.

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  1. I just happened to look at intellicast radar this evening and discovered something very disturbing. Many massive haarp rings over the north east. possibly directing this nor'easter directly at NYC and New Jersey?